By Noormawarni Nordin

Did you know that the translation of a product labeling is important for companies looking to tap the international market? In Malaysia, Islamic products in the market do not always reflect the importance of good and clear labeling as many Malaysians tend to assume that product labels are “minor” information of little significance.Yes, the Malay language is very important to get the attention of the Malaysian consumers but when English or other languages are integrated, it gives the image of the product a more GRAND gesture and a profound impact on the foreign consumer mind.An example of companies aware of the significance of the use of foreign labeling is Noraini’s Cookies, made by 100% Muslim. It is committed to ensure good label committed to ensure good labeling translation as there are quite a number of languages used to describe their products. Not surprisingly, their products are well accepted worldwide and grow rapidly throughout the world.

Similarly, if a company wants to penetrate the Middle East market, Arabic should be on the package labels. It will appeal the consumers in the Middle East because it is closer to their mind and it will attract more interest to understand the product. In North African countries such as Morocco or Algeria, the language used is there is Arabic and French.. English widely in use in Malaysia are not accepted in these countries as their second language is French and not English.

If Muslim entrepreneurs seek to penetrate the global market, they must be concerned with the translation of the labels of their products. The use of the local language of the foreign market targeted by the Malaysian products has more impacts on the minds of the locals and this in turn helps to increase the business turnover, thus making the product more known and spread.

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