At Le Reve Translation we assure you of high-quality services we have been providing since 2004.

From a small team of dedicated professionals based in Selangor, Malaysia,  Le Reve Translation has grown into an international company catering services in translation in more than 70 languages, interpretation, rapporteuring, copywriting, desktop publishing (DTP), language training and event management and equipment rental worldwide.

We only employ highly qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, rapporteurs, copywriters, linguists, DTP experts and programmers so that the highest quality services are achieved. Quality is strictly observed in every service; yet it is still affordable and competitive. As we strive to provide excellent service to all clients, we maintain their trust by guaranteeing confidentiality and give satisfaction to them by tailoring our services to their specific goals and particular needs.

Our business is to provide creative solution to the communication gap between our clients and their customers. Thus far, our company is known for accurate and culturally-sensitive translations; precise interpretation that include consecutive, simultaneous and whispering, and excellent rapporteuring services, both for local and international conferences, conventions, symposia, business meetings, press conferences, interviews, city tours, trainings, seminars and workshops; state-of-the-art equipments for rent, all managed by competent and courteous staff who knew the value of punctuality and effective public relations.

At Le Reve Translation believe that all our clients deserve the best.  We do that by offering the top-notch service that only we can provide from a wide network and vast pool of well-trained professionals all over the world.

Le Reve Translation was established and owned by professionals with extensive proficiency and mastery in language translation and interpretation. It is committed to providing the highest quality service in this field and it only employs certified professionals with impressive experience and expertise.

Our mission

We strive:

  • To be the leader in language translation and interpretation by effectively building bridges across cultures and languages.
  • To uphold clients’ trust by ensuring strict confidentiality
  • To achieve clients’ satisfaction by tailoring our services to our clients’ particular goals and needs
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

How we work

how can we help you?

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