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Having served thousands of clients worldwide, we understand the need for certified translation service is growing even more. A certified translation in Malaysia refers to a translated document verified by a translation company or legal agency as an official document. It is most often needed for migration purposes to validate the authenticity of the official documents.

There are many cases when you might need your translated documents to be certified, often through translation agencies offering certification service. Dealing with foreign governments oftentimes requires the use of the foreign country’s official language. For example, translated court documents need to be certified before being accepted. Personal documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Identity Cards and Passports require certified translation to be considered legal at foreign embassies or departments. Other documents like migration documents, financial records, academic transcripts, or recommendation letters are also frequently needed to be certified. These are just the few among the many cases where certified documents are needed. Without the right medium, this can be a tedious process.


Steps To Get Your Translated Certificates Verified:

Different countries have different procedures for certifying translated documents. Some countries, like the UK, may require certifications from notary public or sworn translators, while others, like Malaysia translation policy, requires the translations to be done by the certified translators through Malaysian government agency. Certified documents in general go through vigorous steps to ensure authenticity.


How Certified Translation Service in Malaysia Runs:

Certified translation service in Malaysia requires a special seal to be accepted by Malaysian government. For foreign language official documents to be submitted to Malaysian agencies or governments, they need to be translated by a Malaysian certified translator approved by the Malaysian Government. They will then need a special seal from either Malaysian Translations Association (MTA)/ Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia or Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM) which can be done through the translation agencies. It is important to reach the Malaysian certified translators through recognized translation agencies to ensure credibility of the certified documents. One way to check this is by confirming their certifications from MTA or ITBM.

For certified services related to Malay or other foreign languages, it is best to confirm with the foreign departments regarding the level of certification required.

Certified Translation Service Process in Malaysia:


Malaysian Certified Translators and How They are Certified

Malaysian Certified Translators are certified through few government-authorized certification bodies such as MTA and ITBM, both area non-governmental translation organization or through a government-linked translation institution such as Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). This legalizes them as the only authorities that can perform certified translations in Malaysia.



Accurate, Fast and Confidential

With our certification service, your translated documents can be certified for legalization within and beyond Malaysia with efficient turnaround times. We provide excellent certification service that is accepted by government departments, courts and embassies worldwide. From Academic Transcripts to Marriage Certificates, our list of certified translations is ever expanding. Our certified translators are well-versed with many types of official documents from various fields (legal, business, personal correspondence and others). Having gained our clients’ trust, we often receive rebound requests for documents translation and certification.

We emphasize on great accuracy towards content details, since we realize a slight change of translation in the official documents like birth certificates or marriage certificates can result a whole different meaning and function altogether. Therefore, prior certification; our quality control team employs multiple proofreading process to maintain its authenticity and responds quickly to clients’ reviews.

Certified documents are often required within short notice. Our certification service caters to this needs and also on urgent basis, we offer a quick turnaround up to 48 hours with an extra charge. Our standard delivery for certified document is within 3 days.

All throughout the process, our clients’ confidentiality remains our top priority and all translators are adhered to nondisclosure policy.

Recognized and Legitimate

Our certified services are recognized by The Government of Malaysia through Malaysia Translations Association, also known as Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia (PPM).

The certified documents pass through meticulous standardization to reach the best quality.  After being translated and proofread by our International and Malaysian Certified Translators, the documents will be stamped with a seal by MTA for official verification. Thus, we guarantee their accuracy and legitimacy.

 We strive to sustain the translation industry in Malaysia as a trusted, accurate and prompt service that makes certification easier, faster and ethical. No hassle, come and we shall assist you.


Who Are Our Certified Translators?

Accurate translation is particularly crucial for certification of translations to ensure smooth global progression. For every type of official document, we assign specific certified translators with accuracy of knowledge pertaining to the content to ensure your certified documents is a mirror-copy of the original.

Our team is made up of International and Malaysian certified translators to cater for the increasing needs of our clients. Our Malaysian certified translators are authorised to translate official documents in need of certification. We also hire only local and international certified translators with credible profiles and trusted record of experiences.

Our certified translators are selected based on credibility of the certifications, vast experiences, sound understanding of terminologies and cultural messages, and proven linguistic skills. Thus, the exact nuances in original documents will be retained in the certified translations.

With this, our certification service guarantees a solid match between certified documents and certified translators to provide our clients a hassle-free and authorised solution towards certification.

How Le Reve Translation certifies your official documents:

If you are Malaysian residents looking to certify your official documents from Malay into English or other languages, here are the steps:

  • Send us your original official document in any format,
  • We shall provide free quotation,
  • Once it is confirmed, we shall start the translation process,
  • We will direct your document to professional certified translators to be translated,
  • The translated document will go through quality control process via editing, proofreading and formatting to ensure it has the mirror copy of the original document.
  • We will provide your translated document with a certification approved by the Malaysian government agency recognized by many official departments worldwide,
  • We will post the certified translation to you within deadline.

If you have official document in other languages, the similar steps above also apply. Plus, let us know the level of certification needed so we can advise you accordingly since different countries require different levels of certification.


The Certified Documents We Endorse:

Among our most popular document certifications are birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, and governmental records. We also accept other types of document certification and are happy to advice on the requirements for certification. Our certification service includes (but not limited to) the following list:

  • Marriage / Divorce Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Adoption Papers
  • Death Certificates
  • Wills
  • Identity Card
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • SPM and PMR Certificates
  • Matriculation, Diploma, Degree Certificates
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Immigration Documents
  • Legal Documents


  • Police Records
  • Bank Documents
  • Gas, Electricity or Council Tax bills
  • Trademarks
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Documents
  • Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • Financial Records
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Real Estate Deeds, Leases, and Contracts
  • Driving Licenses
  • Patents
  • Medical / Hospitalization Certificates
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