Copywriting & SEO Services

Why Do You Need Copywriting Services?

Are you in need of raising brand awareness for your product? Or to display your point of sale graphic or promotional materials online? Does your website, brochures or flyers need more catchy content?

There are a number of reasons why you may need a copywriting agency to promote your product or service. Article writing, website copywriting, SEO copywriting, product copywriting, press releases, brochure copy, and flyer taglines are just a few of the many types of professional copywriting that can boost visibility and improve sales. Generally, people need copywriting services when they have a lot of information but they are not sure how to get the message across, not just in a flash but also in a flashy way.

This is where a copywriting agency comes to the rescue. You may not believe it, but a proficient copywriter can turn your many pages of information into a page of compact informative content. All at reasonable copywriting pricing.

How do they do it?

  • An experienced copywriter knows how to impart only the information that the audience needs to know.
  • An expert copywriter knows how to compress several lines into a single, impactful tagline.
  • Above all, a creative copywriter knows how to create a relevant story or easily digestible content to engage effectively with the audience.
  • And a copywriting agency gets everything organized in time and perfectly to deliver a polished copy.

How Can We Help You?

At Le Reve Translation, we have what you need to create an amazing copy. While our copywriting services in Malaysia are provided at affordable rates, we strive to create the wonder that words are capable of. Focusing on your audience’s interest, our team of copywriters will deliver value-based content to capture your audience’s interest and instill confidence in your product or profile. Our copywriting services in Malaysia take heed of your branding needs so as to articulate your messages creatively, confidently and persuasively.

Le Reve Translation provides copywriting services in Malaysia that will help our clients to:

  • engage actively with the audience
  • deliver straight to the point messages
  • create memorable taglines
  • build audience trust with authentic content
  • set the advertising tone befitting the audience’s culture


Advertising in Malaysia

Looking for great copies to enhance your advertising in Malaysia? There are many ways to boost advertising in Malaysia. Be it through conventional brochure copy, newspaper advertising, or through more savvy channels, such as website or video advertising; all of them require great copywriting.

When it comes to advertising in Malaysia, our copywriting services focus more on promoting values rather than merely selling products.  Our advertising service is based on the principle that advertising should be honest, engaging, clear-cut and well-delivered. Such principles for advertising in Malaysia is vital to appeal to its diverse audience.


What Do You Need To Tell Us?

As an agency offering copywriting services in Malaysia, understanding our clients’ needs is our top priority. Hence, when a client agrees to use our services, we seek to know in depth:

  • the subject matter. Content materials and company background related to the copy are among the sources that may help us to further understand your copywriting needs.
  • the medium of copywriting. Every channel of advertising or copywriting has its own merits, but each requires a specific style of copywriting.
  • the target audience. We need to know who we are talking to: as Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
  • the main goal. Think of it like driving with Waze that actually works. Your audience is your destination and your goal is our Waze that will guide us to that destination.


Are Your Copywriting Needs Within Our Service Offerings?

In what areas do we provide copywriting services in Malaysia? Well, in any area that you may need! Upon receiving the details above, we will assign your copywriting project to an experienced copywriter with specific knowledge of the subject matter.

Our copywriting services in Malaysia cater to the following fields:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Professional (Legal, Medical, Financial, Educational, etc.)
  • Technical (Engineering, Architectural, Gas & Oil, Manufacturing, etc.)
  • Governmental projects
  • Non-governmental projects
  • Creative industry
  • Contractual agreements, policies

We offer the following copywriting services in Malaysia:

  • Website copywriting

Your website is the front door to your company, at which point people will decide whether to go in to view your products or leave it unopened. What triggers their decision? There are many reasons; one of them being your website copywriting. An attractive website is not just about design. You cannot afford to neglect website copywriting as this is the voice behind the pretty face that will enrapture your audience. How do you recognize a great website copywriting? There are many examples out there, and they all come to this main recipe for effective website copywriting: they don’t try too hard to win your love.

We are committed to building your audience’s trust with professional website copywriting that is also client-friendly. Choosing the right keywords with SEO copywriting, projecting a professional and friendly voice with the right words to entice your audience, and articulating key messages to meet your objectives; these are just some of the possible angles we look at to create impactful website copywriting.

  • Product copywriting

Do you have what it takes to boost your product marketing? With a great product copy, there will be no more messy words that your audience will skip, no more awkward grandmother stories, no more robotic selling. A creative product copy tells your product story in a more authentic, personal way that a great design alone cannot do. The result? Your audience can engage more effectively with your product. Readable, memorable and relatable contents are what a great product copy can do to your benefit.

There are many ways experienced copywriters write a great product copy. Be it through relatable humor, cultural-based stories, they know how to find an angle that will click with your audience.

Our copywriting agency puts great effort into producing a product copy that not only sells but also creates value for your audience. Our professional copywriters are committed to going the extra mile to understand your product story, and to relay it in a unique way to create a product copy befitting your product and your audience. Tell us what you need in your product copy and we will have it done, and done well.


  • Brochure copywriting

If a website is a virtual door to your product or service, then brochure copy is the tangible, metaphorical door. Websites stay. What about brochures? That depends on how powerful your words are in the brochure copy. Brochure copy is not simply a piece of paper to splash out all your information. A good brochure copy aims to persuade, to engage, and to deliver clearly.

Have you noticed the usual fate of brochure copy out there? Yes, you’re absolutely right – the dustbin! Fret not, we have the solution for it. Even if it accidentally ends up there, our copywriters will ensure that the words stick in the minds of our clients’ audience. We keep our clients’ brochure copy engaging, straight to the point and client-oriented. This includes making the brochure copy logically aligned with the design, highlighting key points, and keeping it consistent with our clients’ needs.


  • Press Release copywriting

Press release copywriting often requires fast turnaround time, newsworthy content, simple but effective wording; all to get readers reading. There is no need for press release copywriting to always go by the rulebook; factual, full of jargons, same-old-school order. A little bit of smart improvisation can always keep a press release fresh, interesting and still accurately informative.

This is how we aim to serve your press release copywriting needs. Need your press release within one or two days? Our copywriters work fast and efficiently through sheer experience. Looking for a unique angle so your press release will engage actively with your readers? Tell us your particular need and we will deliver a compelling press release. Whatever your need is, our press release copywriting service is tailored to clients looking for fresh, professional and stand out content. 

  • Article writing

Do you need constant content for your product or idea awareness? Article writing requires a lot of dedication and passion to deliver your message effectively. While background materials do help point writers to the right direction, further self-research on the copywriter’s part will make the article writing sharper, savvier and more precise. Whether you are looking for professional article writing or creative article writing, our copywriters will get the tone and content just right for your purpose. We are always open to discussions for your article writing project to ensure clear communication between clients and our copywriters.

If you are looking for a copywriter to provide long-term article writing service, our copywriting agency is the right solution for your needs be it for your website copywriting, monthly journal or magazine editions, or any other purposes. Besides having an ever-ready pool of copywriters, we are always recruiting new outstanding talents. Thus, you will never need to hunt for committed writers! Regardless the subject matter, whether casual or serious; we treat article writing seriously so as to yield sound content in an appropriate style.

  • Video Script Copywriting

Online video advertising is mainstream advertisement these days. Catchy storylines, engaging narratives or dialogues, quirky ideas; these are what makes video script copy the popular choice of advertising.  Video script copy relays your messages seamlessly and easily to the audience, showcasing your brand.

Fresh video script copy breathes life to productive video advertising. And this is what we aim to deliver in your video script copy – a freshness that appeals to the audience. When we say fresh video script copy, we mean a style that is both realistic and quick witted; unconventional yet acceptable; elegant yet warm and inviting. Not only are the narrators or actors able to fully relate with the video script copy, your audience will also be captivated by the beyond-expectation video script copy.

Just let us know the style you prefer for your video script copy and we will engage the most fitting and experienced script writer for your project.

Our copywriting services in Malaysia also include the following:

  • Speech copywriting
  • Agreement / Contract copywriting
  • Manual copywriting
  • Company profile
  • Headlines / Taglines
  • SEO copywriting (search-engine optimization)


Languages Provided in Our Copywriting Services in Malaysia

Our copywriting services in Malaysia provide a wide range of languages from Asian to European languages. If you are a home-grown business seeking to expand your target audience to a worldwide market, there is nothing better than to speak directly to your target audience in their native languages. Translation is one way but why not fast track with copywriting so you will speak to the hearts of your audience?

Our native copywriters are efficient in completing your copywriting project while maintaining the utmost quality. Regardless your choice of language, our copywriting services in Malaysia will be sure to deliver it to you just as you like it.

You may visit Our Languages page to view the list of languages provided for our copywriting services in Malaysia.


How Fast Do We Deliver?

Depending on the scope of the work, our standard delivery rate is within 3 working days for at least 4 pages on the basis of 200 words per page while larger projects may take 1 to 2 weeks. Tell us in advance of your expectation and we will deliver the work by the deadline.


How Is Our Copywriting Pricing Determined?

Our copywriting pricing is at a professional and affordable rate based on the following criteria:

  • Subject Matter (general or technical)
  • Research required (short term or long term)
  • Length of copywriting (on basis of 200 words per page)

If your copywriting project is on a large scale / long term, we understand you may not want to risk simply trusting it with any copywriting service provider. Hence, you may request a free sample or the copywriters’ resume from us and decide if our copywriting services in Malaysia suit your needs.




  • “Why is copywriting so expensive?”

There are many things that determine copywriting pricing, but let’s consider these:

Firstly, if copywriting is merely a magical conjurer of words, then yes, it should not be that “expensive”. However, if it is a result of dedicated and thorough research; a process quite similar to what any other scientific research or academic article published out there goes through, then a copywriter deserves to be given a professional rate worthy of his intellectual worth.

Secondly, a professional copywriter goes a long way before finally producing a masterpiece. Understanding the audience’s psyche, determining fitting language and style, and arranging the content accordingly; these are among the many aspects a professional copywriter has to consider when perfecting a copy. Not to mention the years of experience in the copywriting industry, these professionals provide a niche service. Hence, the pricing for copywriting.

Thirdly: Would you still call it “expensive” when a good copy brings in more than what you invested for the service?

  • Why should I hire a copywriting agency instead of a freelance copywriter?

Each side has its own advantages and drawbacks. It depends on your copywriting needs.

Firstly, are you familiar with the copywriting industry? If not, getting in touch with a copywriting agency can save you a lot of time and energy since it is more likely that they already have a pool of experienced copywriters. On the other hand, once you have a found a trusted copywriter you’re comfortable working with,  it can be a huge benefit in the long-term as he is already familiar with your preference. Having in-house staff capable of proofreading and editing will also be a bonus for you.

Secondly, what range of topics will your copy be about? If it is specific, needs frequent in-depth discussion, and is a small-scale project, working directly with a freelance, experienced copywriter may be more rewarding. However, a copywriting agency is more suitable if you need the confidence that they can do the work with minimal supervision. Plus, a copywriting agency can help widen the scope of your copy if that is what you need.

One of the main reasons people vacillate between a freelance copywriter and a copywriting agency is the difference in copywriting pricing: freelance copywriters usually charge less than a copywriting agency because they are not held liable for their output in the way an organization is. Consider your needs first, as this helps in getting the right copy. If copywriting pricing is the only factor you take into consideration, you might be getting a cheap but useless copy, or a needlessly expensive copy.

So, always look at the big picture.

Again, it all comes back to your specific needs. If you need a personalized copy, have resources to polish it, and it is on a small scale, then a freelance copywriter may be a good choice. If time and bigger audiences are your prime concerns, a copywriting agency is a logical choice as it will handle all the back end work in delivering a polished copy to you.


  • How do I know if your copywriting pricing is reliable?

As much as we believe every project is unique, we keep our copywriting pricing standardized and transparent based on the number of words written, as well as specialty and amount of research needed.

Here are some factors we consider in copywriting pricing:

  • How much research is needed for the copy?
  • How fast do you need the copy completed?
  • What type of copy do you need (e.g, illustration-based copy; video script copy, product copy, website copy, etc.)
  • How much creativity is welcome? Or do you need the copy to follow a formula?

As in any field, the more effort it takes or more complex the project is, the more you will need to invest. So the right question to ask is “how result-driven do you want the copy to be?” Then you take note how it balances with the copywriting pricing,


  • What is SEO copywriting (search-engine optimization) and how it matters?

SEO copywriting is all about writing quality content by targeting keywords without sounding overly repetitive. Creating attractive content is the first step; using frequently used words is the next step to create an optimized content relevant to the vast audience. With smart structuring, clear-cut content and relevant keywords, SEO copywriting will create a search-friendly website that ranks at the top with your audience.

SEO copywriting works best when you find an anchor that links your website with the audience effectively. But how do you find the anchor for effective SEO copywriting? Social media platforms have made SEO copywriting far easier than it has been in the past; people are flooding their keywords openly all over social sites. So, you may say your audience merely has to “find” it. Finding it alone is not enough. Your SEO copywriting has to make sense, and not just be a page with a bunch of keywords. Creating the anchor for SEO copywriting means utilizing keywords that best suit your product or service, and linking them creatively to your website. Combine all this together and your SEO copywriting will be a neat, quality content that both audience and search engines love.


  • How a great copy can help promote my advertising in Malaysia?

A great copy is more than just a bunch of words thrown together. How can you tell if the copywriting will work for your advertising in Malaysia?

  Firstly, observe the language style. Does it speak the way your Malaysian audiences speak? If you’re advertising in Malaysia intends to target the urban youth, then the copy needs to use their particular style. And difference mediums need different language styles. In website copywriting, you can afford to build more rapport-based content than in brochure copy which is more on to build trust.

   Secondly, observe what taglines will appeal to the majority for advertising in Malaysia. As an example, it is a common belief that a “FREE” tagline is among the Malaysian favorite taglines. It is worth taking note of other Malaysian famous taglines as well for successful advertising in Malaysia.

  Thirdly, observe if culture is highlighted in the copy. There are many ways advertising in Malaysia can appeal to the diverse Malaysian audience. Sarcastic, humorous, or melancholic tones in copywriting are among the popular ways to highlight culture when advertising in Malaysia. But bear in mind, Malaysians are also particularly sensitive to sensitive issues that are sensitive to sensitive individuals or groups who are sensitive to sensitive issues which are sensitive… get it?

  • Now, what to do when I decide to use your copywriting services in Malaysia?

Tell us about your project. We would like to hear more about it.

  1. You can send us the soft copy material for your project via email or tell us in detail about your ideas, and we will provide a quote promptly.
  2. When you accept the quote you will need to sign it (Accepted Quote) and an invoice will then be issued to you.
  3. Upon receiving the Accepted Quote and payment, we will proceed immediately and hire the best copywriter for your project.
  4. We will deliver on time, or earlier, the finished copy as written material, graphic or any other form as stated in the Accepted Quote.

So, what are you waiting for ? Contact Us Now. 

how can we help you?

Contact us at Le Reve Translation or submit a business inquiry online. Thank you.