Event Management Service in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered how an event ceremony like the FIFA Ceremony comes to life? Guess what? Behind it, event management professionals work diligently to create the best experience possible for the guests, the stars, the sponsors, the stakeholders, and the spectators.

Event planners are the teams coordinating, running, and planning to create every kind of event. Behind the spectacular run-up of an event, professional event planners take care of every detail such as consulting budget, determining venue, speakers, sponsors and caterer, boosting branding opportunities and providing logistics and audio visual equipments to create a high-impact event. You will know you have hired a competent event management company when your guests are still stuck on the seats towards the end of your event – they just don’t want to leave!

Who We Are

With our event management service in Malaysia, we create outstanding experiences that connect your brand seamlessly with your guests. From established companies to start-up business, we are keen to turn your specific needs into reality with utmost professionalism.

We offer event management service in Malaysia for various types of events; corporate events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, product launching programs, press conferences, trade shows, trainings, and also leisure events such as team-building events, family days and carnivals. We work together with our clients to lay out the event planning in great details, from sourcing venues to generating creative and practical ideas, so their event goals and guests’ satisfaction remain on focus.


We are especially experienced with conferences, seminars, summits, trainings, business functions and media events. We do not claim exaggerated expertise on every single type of event, but we can promise you we are attentive listeners to clients’ needs and have wide resources to create events that bring like-minded individuals together to benefit from your event.

Among events we handle:

  • Conferences
  • Summits
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Trade Shows
  • Event Exhibitions
  • Corporate functions
  • Product Launching
  • Event
  • Press conferences
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Business Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Family Days
  • Team Building

Formal, big events like conferences and international meetings may require a year ahead planning to consider certain vital keys like speakers’ availability, participants’ accommodation and venue suitability. Smaller events like seminars, trainings and closed-door meetings meanwhile allow for shorter period of planning. Regardless of the time span, we are committed towards realizing your event as a dynamic impression. Events with high-stress level and quick-decision impromptu moments like conferences, seminars, trainings and meetings are our favorites, because we love turning our adrenalines into productive outcome. We also offer interpretation services for conferences, seminars and meetings with our experienced teams of interpreters.


If there is only one place to put forward your brand to wider network, it has to be a corporate function. Of course, that is not often the case but in corporate functions where shareholders, clients, business partners or competitors gather, the networking and branding opportunities are vast that you would want to maximize output from your corporate function in every way possible.

With our event management service in Malaysia, we let you off the hook from having to run all over the place during the event day; we let you host while playing guest at the same time in your corporate event. Watch and relax as we bring excitement to your corporate event and let everyone stay connected in a refreshing atmosphere.


Are you about to launch a new product to the market? Nothing is more important for product launching than to get everything sorted out right from the beginning. We are a little bit too familiar with all the preparations needed prior product launching event; from budgeting, production to promoting plan, your hands will be quite full! Hiring an event company for your product launching event will let you breathe and focus on your product. From inviting press media, organizing guest list to promote your brand, our event management professionals set to work diligently and bring you resources to make your launching event successful.


Nothing brings high impact to events as much as media publicity does. When it comes to pre-media event preparation, there is a tendency to believe the louder the noise, the more people will hear of your event, and respond positively to it. That, however, is not always true. You can end up drumming to the wrong ears and see minimal turn-up at your event.

With our event management service in Malaysia, we channel to you the right media that are capable of promoting your brand to the right mass. From promotional preparation to on-site management, we assist you to create your brand awareness by utilising any resource possible, such as:

-Event Web Page

-Event On-site Audio Visual Equipment Management

-Pre, During and Post Event Marketing Plan


A great event company is not just attentive to clients’ needs, but it is also quick to spot flaws in an event planning and act wisely to provide the alternative. Here are some indicators of a great event planner that you would want to work with:

  • EXPERIENCED. Some event planners may be more experienced in business events, while some may be more specialised in certain niche events, like academic conferences or trainings. Be clear on the niche of your event and see if the event management services offered by the event company match your expectation and needs.
  • RESOURCEFUL. A competent event company is never short of a backup plan and can provide you useful resources for your event, from finding venues to generating sponsorships. Note on their capabilities and ask for proven records of their previous success with events. An event planner that knows how to deal with unexpected changes will be a gem for your event planning.
  • ATTENTIVE TO DETAILS. As much as they know getting the big picture of an event is vital, experienced event planners also pay great attention to the details. As you present your draft event planning to them, see if they can add on certain tweaks that benefit your event in impactful scale. If their ideas are capable of highlighting your brand and keep the guests at home at the same time, then you will know you have found the right event company.
  • ORGANIZED: You will be able to recognize an experienced event company from the way they plan to organize the event. An experienced event planner keeps their organization practical and timely, and they are skillful to determine the priorities. Take a close look at their planning organization and see if their organization can keep all worries at bay.
  • CLEAR AND CONSICE. A successful event comes largely from a successful communication. An event company that knows what they are talking about will save you many troubles as they share your vision for the event. Note on how both you and the event planner are comfortable to contribute ideas while keep focus on your event’s primary goal.

While working with an event organizer, these are the aspects we emphasise on to provide the best event management service in Malaysia. As you engage with our event management service in Malaysia, you will find the stages to your event become multiply productive. Get your event neatly organized with our event management service in Malaysia as we help to find venues, caterers, speakers, and handle all logistic and technical matters, all at cost-effective budget.

Whether they are conferences, seminars, trainings, corporate functions or leisure events, we customize your events with utmost care because we do mind your business. We plan your event just as you like it, or you may find our creative ideas give more impact to your event!


Keeping your budget safe and sound
Minimum budget, full-house attendee, successful event – it’s every event organizer’s dream. Every event planner knows how time-consuming it can be to plan a cost-effective budget for a certain event, only to revise it again and again.

Revision is good, but with our event management service in Malaysia, we make your budget revision effective rather than repetitive. A great, experienced event company knows how to take the shortcuts towards planning a time-saving and money-wise budget. As one of the experienced providers of event management service in Malaysia, we can suggest a few strategies to nail the budget down.

1. KNOW YOUR EVENT GOALS. Setting your event goals is the first crucial step towards getting the big picture of your event budget. This includes the event content, list of attendees and speakers, venue rental and output you expect at the end of the event. For example, a corporate function with established networks may differ tremendously from a product launching event which needs more advertising budget.

2. BE FLEXIBLE. You may find certain venue and event timing attractive at present, but disastrous in future. Note on the other upcoming competitive events so yours won’t be clashing with them. The best way to deal with any unexpected turnout would be to have a few venues and timing options in your backup plan.

3. LOOK FOR LUCRATIVE OPPORTUNITIES. Sponsorships can come in myriad ways. Never limit your scope and keep your eyes open. As an example, it may save up more to benefit from venue dealer’s offers (catering, audio visual equipment rental, etc) rather than opting for separate suppliers, or it can be vice versa. The key is to do a lot of research.

4. USE FREE MEANS. There are a lot of mediums with finance-free obligation that can minimize budget for your event. Online marketing with the right technique can work wonders to promote your event. Scouting volunteers with event benefits such as free entry will not only reduce your budget, but will also increase word-of-mouth promotion. This will be especially useful for big events like conferences and exhibitions.

5. KEEP TRACK ON EXPENSES. It is easy to lose the track of your expenses once you get started on the action plan. However, the effort to note every expense will be utterly helpful to avoid going over the budget limit. Track and analyze all the expenses to keep your ROI measure updated.

6. CONTINGENCY. For unforeseen circumstances, allocate at least 5-10 %. This requires some thoughts as the bigger your event, the bigger you should allocate for contingency, but it’s worth all the trouble.

As you can see, there are a lot of researches that need to be done just for budget alone. It is our responsibility as a provider of event management service in Malaysia to consult on your budget to the best of our capability. We keep your budget safe as we minimize possible risky costs, and we make it sound as we help you invest on the right channels.

Determining strategic venue

You need to hire a budget-wise venue? We are experienced in hunting down the streets, scouring out strategic venues that work wonder on your event. Easy access, affordable cost, attractive service offers and venue layout are among the criteria we look for when finding you the right venue. Starting from selecting the strategic venue, to providing audio visual equipment and decorating setup, and till the last of your audience stepping out of your event, we stay with you for every crucial moment.

As venue rental is one of the major portions that make up the budget cost, the sooner you determine the venue the faster you can progress with your budget partition. With our event management service in Malaysia, we assist you in sourcing the right venue and suggesting the options given that we are informed of your event details, event goal and content, participants and venue services you would like to consider.

Providing audio visual equipment
We bring to you a set of skilled team to monitor technical and audio visual equipments to deliver creative experiences for your attendees. Our professional team provides high quality audio visual equipments to keep your event at maximized productivity. Stay assured as we only consent to recognised audio visual equipment suppliers that will make your event not just lively, but as natural as it can be. Depending on your event type from formal events like conferences or seminars to fun-packed events like team building, our event management service in Malaysia ensures to provide you with the right kind of audio visual equipment.


Whether you are planning conferences, corporate functions, business meetings, trainings, launching events or family days, it is most often best to hire an event planner. Any experienced event planner will know to avoid from totally dominating your event, while being close at the center in helping planning it. Yes, that’s the very role of an event planner; to HELP you getting organized so your event will have a clear-cut action plan, and not to deny you the central voice of it. With so many things in your head, it is easy to miss certain points that can be vital to your event. It is our job as an event planner to determine the loophole and help you to put things together as perfect as possible.

Some benefits of using an event management service in Malaysia;

  • Saving you a lot of time and energy in finding venues, sponsorships, speakers, caterers.
  • Keeping track of your budget and providing advice on ways to minimize risky costs.
  • Contributing ideas to liven up your event in a practical manner.
  • Providing alternatives for certain flaws in the event planning.
  • Providing quality suppliers for audio visual equipment at cost effective rate.

In other words, saving you a lot of headaches!

A great event planner also helps you getting your messages

across to your attendees, either big or small groups.

Events like conferences, seminars, corporate functions, launching events, trainings and trade shows are great places to widen your network and engaging your audience with your interest. Getting your message across in such events requires specific planning that will actually work out on the eventful day. One of the ways event planners assist to engage your attendees with your event is to:

Make your event not as a gimmick, but as a realistic vision to

benefit all.

The key here is to get your messages printed out BIG and CLEAR right before your audience. Really get to know their needs and interests, and how your event goal will be oriented to that. Speak in their languages and walk like they do, unless if they have a quirky way like walking backwards.

Keeping your brand alive and strong

A well-organized event will definitely help you achieve the goal to promote your brand, and you have a greater chance of that by hiring an event planner. A professional event company considers every aspect possible to keep your brand at the forefront of the event, from live event publicization to post-event networking, such as through digital media. The attendees most often care to stay connected with your brand once they are interested; the event planner helps you setting up the space to connect, now you are independent to use it to the fullest for your business.

And that’s how we plan to work with you. We plan to plan, and we make a plan that will actually work for your event with flexibility, professionalism and passion.

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