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With more than 14 years of experience, we are the leading translation company in Malaysia with accurate document translation and localization services. We offer excellent translation in Malaysia and abroad, performed by our professional translators (native speakers of the target language) with a wide knowledge of the source and target languages and of the subject matters. From Eastern to Western languages, our translation services extend across 70 language pairs including Malay, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Tamil, Thai, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and many more. Our professional translators are expert in translating various documents; generic or technical, scientific or creative arts, medical or official documents.



Having been in the translation industry in Malaysia since 2003, we have grown, matured and still are handling all matters related to translation in Malaysia. Our translation services include Malaysian most-used languages for English translation, Malay translation, Mandarin translation and Tamil translation. Privacy, accuracy, on-time delivery, first-rated quality and affordable translation rate are the basics that make up our translation company in Malaysia. Be it English to Malay translation, English to Chinese translation, or otherwise, and in any other language pair, our native translators address each translated document with clarity, accuracy, and context-reliability. Our clients in Malaysia include Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM), Maybank, Tohtonku,  Ajinomoto and Sime Tyres (see our Clients page).



Our translation company offers high-quality services for English translations. You may require English translation to spread your marketing network beyond Malaysia or for official purposes. Or you may require English translation for non-English speaking countries. With our English translation services, we make document translation across borders possible, accurate and fast. We guarantee content preservation throughout the process of the English translation (with any listed foreign language as the target language) by assigning projects to our translation experts.

Steps for an English translation, depending on your needs:

1. Source language > English

2. Source language > English; English > Target Language



Our translation company offers high-quality services for Malay translation. You may require Malay translation to spread your marketing network in Malaysia or for official purposes. With our Malay translation service, we make document translation across borders possible, accurate and fast. We guarantee content preservation throughout the process of Malay translation (with any listed foreign language as source language) by assigning projects to our translation experts.

Steps for a Malay translation:

1. Source language > English

2. English > Malay

You can opt for our proofreading service for further assurance of content accuracy.



To produce the finest translated document, we build close liaison with our worldwide translators to ensure compatibility between the translation project and their capability. Our professional translators come from a wide background of expertise and are rich with translation experience in Malaysian and international context. Need generally translated documents with strong emphasis on exacting cultural nuances? We have worldwide translators with just the right sensitivity towards articulating the cultural messages embedded in the document. Looking for technical and scientific translation with accurate terminology? Our professional translators will end your search as they confront the challenges with their specialized technical knowledge and insider vocabulary flowing out at an efficient speed. Need creative and precise translators to bridge the gap between cultures in business documents, advertising, copywriting and likewise translations? Our well-versed translators are not just creative to determine the exact expression towards relaying your message; they also emphasis on accuracy of almost a mirror-like quality translation. Need to get your birth certificate, marriage certificate or other types of official documents certified? Refer to our translation certification page and see the list of official documents we are able to certify.

So you see, we prepare almost every kind of translator to meet the clients’ specific needs. Should you think of your translation project is probably a little bit out of the world and require utmost speciality, we are ready to meet the challenges to bring you the right translator and ensure that you are satisfied with the excellent translation services.

We work mainly with corporations, associations, organizations and commercial ventures. With our professional translation services, we help in enhancing communications and transactions within business ventures at faster, clear-cut and excellent level. With our business-oriented translation services, we help in creating more revenues and new markets for companies locally and internationally. With our precise translation services, we help in bridging cultural gaps and tuning contents for individuals, governmental offices, academic institutions, technical and scientific industries. With our certified translation services, we help in legalizing official documents translated in a time-saving manner. All at smart-saving translation rate. Our clients’ requirements and satisfaction come first; that is why Le Reve Translation takes this job very seriously to ensure a continuous work quality that brings benefits for both parties.



We accept a variety of documents and treat each translation project with utmost care and unique specification. Advertisements, business paperwork, official documents, personal documents, research papers, scientific or technical documents, software application manuals and website translations are among the many translated documents we have handled, and we know well the ins and outs of the procedure. Our translation company also welcomes creative arts like novels, essays and stage scripts that are seeking for our extensive expertise. Each translation project is taken seriously where it is directed to professional translators with the right capability and talent. We make your translated documents accurate, flawless and cost-effective.

Type of documents we can translate:-

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Contract and Agreements
  • Fact Sheets
  • Catalogues
  • Birth Certificates
  • Academic Certificates



  • News Articles
  • Website Translation Services
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Books
  • Brochures/Pamphlets


Some translations might just require surface-level translation that focuses more on the technicality and terminology. More often than not, translation projects intended for wider reception need to transfer the cultural messages as well to be well-received. Localization, thus serves to appeal to the culture of the target audience.

Therefore,we include localization service besides our main translation services to create a more in-depth translation that builds intimacy with the audience. With our localization service, it is not only language technicality that stands at the forefront of our mind when managing a translation project; target audience, content adaptation, and client’s messages are also taken into our core indicator of what makes a culturally-effective translation.



One of the most sought-after translations for localization is website translation, or to be more precise, website localization service. With website translation, it is the transferring of surface-level, context-based meanings from a source language to few target languages. With website localization, it goes a step further; it also transfers culture. When is it necessary to request for website localization, or when is it website translation enough? Website translation may suffice when your target audience generally shares similar culture; for example, the source language of your website is in Malay and you need a translation for the Southeast Asian audience, or your website is a Western-based and you need atranslation done for European markets. Unless you aim to address every detailed difference of cultures, in this case, website translation oftentimes will do. However, a total crossing-over of global markets will need website localization to effectively reach the audience, such as between Western and Asian markets.

We have professionals who utilize time-saving software to make your website translation accessible and interchangeable. With our website translation service, your target audience will feel more at home with the content and your messages will be effectively delivered. Studies have suggested that target audience search for websites in their own native languages. With our website translation service, our experts extract integral keywords in your target language that bring your audience straight to your website. Use our website translation service and enjoy the benefits of revenue-producing traffics to your website.



Our translation process is very convenient and efficient. We reply the requests for free quotation promptly and proceed to the translation process once you have decided to use our service.

Let us do the work:

  • Email us your documents in any format.
  • Your documents will be promptly directed to our translators.
  • If requested, your translated documents will be proofread by a second translator. It will be under a different charge.
  • Our quality control team will do the final checking before sending the translated documents to you.
  • We welcome any review or feedback from the clients upon receiving the translated documents.



We offer affordable pricing rate for our professional translation services. We believe in the principle of maximising quality with balancing the translation price rate as the best policy for both clients and translation companies.

Our translation pricing is based on:

  • Subject Matter
  • Language Pair
  • Per Word
  • Per Page based on 200 Words

For normal translation services, the standard delivery will take up to 3 days. On an urgent basis, it will take 2 days with additional charge.



  • You demand the best quality with reasonable translation price for your translated documents. We work on it with absolute commitment as if it’s ours. The best thing? We return it to you for complete ownership with transparent charges.
  • You put your complete trust in us as you hand in your documents to us. We value your trust by securing your confidentiality and adhering to the deadline.
  • You strive for perfection and great details. We work diligently to ensure your translated documents are perfectly worded, presented accurately and contextually-oriented.
  • You understand every great thing does not come cheap. Thus, you are ready to invest in your translation project in generating greater benefits. We believe in the same thing and guess what, we do not just believe but also act based on mutual benefits.
  • You need professional translators who have both linguistic expertise and articulate sense of the subject matter. We recruit dedicated translators from diverse fields of expertise as possible while optimizing the quality. Hence, specific translation projects are assigned to qualified translators.
  • You need to get your certificates or official documents certified within short notice, without hassle. We are closely linked with Malaysian Associations of Translators (MTA) recognized by many embassies and institutions worldwide and thus enables us to deliver urgent basis certified documents within 48 hrs.

These what make us the most preferred professional translation company in Malaysia and we often receive repeated requests from the same clients. Our speciality lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it ticks.

Certified Documentation

We provide certified documents from Agency and Association that have been accepted throughout Malaysia and worldwide. From Embassies, Court to Customs Immigration and many more.

Kindly visit our office to get a FREE consultation.


To be the best translation company in Malaysia, we do not depend on company certificates or translators’ certificates alone. We believe the best translation company is the one that fulfills clients’ needs and provides critical solutions to an ever-growing industry. Our certified translators are practicing and engaging actively in industries to be up-to-date to current trends and needs in translation. We hold integrity, transparency, and quality as our core values in integrating successfully with our clients. We treat translations in Malaysia and beyond as a serious and supreme language service that promotes global interconnections and benefits individuals in their personal matters regardless where they come from.

Our Most Frequent Translations in Malaysia:
  • Governmental Record Translation
  • Certificate Translation
  • Official Document Translation
  • Advertising, Copywriting and Marketing Translation
  • Academic Transcript Translation
Our Most Frequent Translation Internationally:
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Business Document Translation
  • Academic Transcript Translation
  • Advertising Translation
  • Official Document Translation
  • Passport Translation
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