Le Reve Translation provides wide-ranging interpreting services in 70 languages. We offer a multitude of professional interpretation services in Malaysia including different modes of interpreting:– simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, judicial interpretation and escort interpretation. Our interpreters have an extensive experience of any type of event, comprehensive knowledge of the subject area and high level of skills in order to perform flawlessly in each assignment. Among events that use our interpretation services in Malaysia are conferences, seminars, workshops, court cases, business meetings, tours and company annual meetings, as well as in various fields like legal, medical, finance, business, governmental and diplomatic.



Getting the right interpretation service is crucial to warrant a successful conference or fruitful business negotiation in multilingual contexts. Hiring skilled interpreters, who are the key connector between multilingual parties, can be cost-effective and time-saving if you know the right place to look for them. With our interpretation services, we help clients determine their requirements and organise a team of professional interpreters. We help contributing towards the success of conferences, business meetings, seminars and international events through building rapport between speakers and audience with our professional interpretation services in Malaysia. We provide both Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters from various professional backgrounds and solid interpreting experiences.

To put our clients at ease, these are several keys we strive on to ensure a top-rated interpretation service provided for our clients:


Clarifying Event Agenda with clear comprehension of contents to determine the qualified interpreters

Hiring Experienced, Native Interpreters with specific knowledge pertaining to the event subject

Managing Interpretation Equipment Technicality* (for Simultaneous Interpretation Service) to ensure smooth progress of event with quality interpretation.

Providing Practical Plans to avoid unexpected issues during real-time interpreting


At Le Reve Translation, our Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters cater to your specific need in interpretation service. We lead interpretation services in Malaysia by providing professional interpreters, practical interpreting plan and efficient working ethics. Our interpreters come from various fields such as marketing, finance, legal, business, multimedia, environmental, research and development, engineering, medical and many others. Our professional interpreters are well-experienced with international conferences, closed door meetings, workshops and seminars, diplomatic and technical conferences.

Our experienced interpreters are also well-versed with different methods of interpreting; simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, court interpretation and escort interpretation. When hiring, we emphasise as much on their professional expertise as their proven record of interpreting assignments undertaken.



Simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting which requires accurate verbal translation and must be done at the same rate of speech as that of the speaker/presenter, with only a few seconds of a gap time to deliver the verbal translation. Simultaneous interpretation will require two interpreters to handle the task. It takes 15 minutes each to work hand in hand to perform the interpretation. Some experienced interpreters may be able to do it alone, though it is very rare to find an interpreter who has got the strength and mind of three persons to be able to complete the real-time interpretation. Bear in mind that simultaneous interpretation is one of the most technical and exhausting jobs in the world!

Simultaneous interpreters not only need to master the languages but also their cultures. They are also required to possess the technical knowledge of the subject to be discussed, simultaneous interpretation training, experiences and skills.

The simultaneous interpreters require a proper equipment to deliver their interpretation. It is designed to suit the assignment given, where the interpreters sit in a soundproof booth, listen to the speaker’s speech through their headphones and relay it through a microphone connected wirelessly to the audience’s headphones.

We are a top provider for simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia with Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters. Our company not only provides all the equipment to the interpreters to accommodate your events, but we also ensure that the interpreters hired must have considerable experiences specifically in simultaneous interpretation as it takes specific skill to effectively deliver this particular interpretation.

For equipment details, please visit Simultaneous interpretation Equipment (SIE) and Audio Visual.



Consecutive interpretation service is oftentimes needed in smaller scales of events, such as business negotiations, seminars, court settings, private meetings or tours. Consecutive interpretation allows the interpreters more time to interpret the speakers, as it is done between pauses. The consecutive interpreters use note-taking as one of the interpreting strategies and interpret to audience when the speaker pauses, usually for a few minutes.

There are some advantages of consecutive interpretation. It puts less pressure on the interpreters, and the accuracy level is reported to be higher in consecutive interpretation since the interpreter is closely engaged with the speaker and has opportunity to clarify. Briefing the consecutive interpreter prior to the event will increase the chance of greater success in interpreting since the interpreter is familiarised with the context and the event jargons.

Besides, the cost for consecutive interpretation service is lower than simultaneous interpretation service for two major reasons; no requirement for interpreting technical equipment and oftentimes one interpreter is enough per assignment, depending on the languages involved.

Consecutive interpretation will suffice in events where there is less time constraint and when the majority of the attendees can understand the target language, where two languages are involved.

We are a top provider for consecutive interpretation services in Malaysia with Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters. In consecutive interpretation, our well-trained interpreters capture all the technical and cultural nuances by the speakers and relay them accurately to the third party. With our consecutive interpretation service, we ensure communication goal is achieved and each party is kept satisfied with the bonding built.



Escort interpretation, also known as liaison interpreting, requires an interpreter to accompany the clients on their respective events. Escort interpretation is most suited for small events such as  visiting foreign delegates, meetings, interviews or trade shows.

The interpretation duty may take from several hours to several days, depending on the clients’ needs. In that case, it is often best to recruit a team of interpreters to better delegate tasks periodically. Apart from being linguistic aides, bridging cultural gaps is also a vital skill for escort interpreters to ensure all parties are comfortable and feel at home with one another. During the task, the interpreters can use either whispering or consecutive methods of interpreting, depending on the clients’ preference.

We are a top provider for escort interpretation services in Malaysia with Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters. Our professional interpreters serve to build mutual understanding and cooperation between multilingual parties, and commit to guide the delegates with the target language nuances.



We have handled various interpretation services in Malaysia for both local and international clients. From Malaysian interpreters to international interpreters, our interpretation service makes global events possible and we cater to any event, such as follows:

  • International conferences, conventions and government symposia
  • Business meetings, interview, and presentations
  • Press conference, media interviews
  • Social interpreting
  • City tours
  • Training, seminars, etc.


It is no secret that getting the right interpreters is a must to turn your multilingual event into a success. How do we then determine what kind of interpreters would be right for your event?

  • Firstly, let us know in advance all the details regarding your event that would help us customize the type of interpretation service suited to your event. Upon your interest, we provide free quotation with transparent cost surcharges.

Below are some points to consider when deciding the interpretation service:

• Type of event (seminar, conference, meeting, delegate tour, etc)
• Subject matter
• Languages involved
• Number and types of audience
• Technicality involving interpreting equipment and venue layout
• Event schedule

This helps us to analyze your needs and optimize the interpretation services.

  • Then, let us recruit professional interpreters whose skills and expertise will meet your event’s requirements. Our interpreters are chosen on the basis of professional qualifications, interpreting experiences, subject knowledge and cultural awareness, and committed working ethics.
  • When it comes to selecting the interpreters for the events, we are very critical in ensuring they have all the criteria noted above, knowing the great responsibility they will carry. We ascertain that their interpreting experiences and skills will meet the standards needed by your event. They can be as convincing as the actual negotiators in business meetings, or professionally neutral to be the ethical voice of the authorative speakers like in legal or court settings. In some ways, they are like professional actors with profound grasp of contexts and languages, adhering to the speakers’ agenda.
  • From our pool of Malaysian interpreters and international interpreters, we select native interpreters to provide natural interpretation from the source language to the target language to ensure audience’s comfort with the language provided.
  • For simultaneous interpretation service, we handle all the preparation and monitoring of the simultaneous interpretation equipments to maintain consistent interpretation flow. As a standard basis, at least two interpreters will be prepared for one assignment per day to ensure each interpreter is physically and mentally capable to provide quality interpretation.
  • For events involving technicality and professional industry like legal, court and medical, we attest to hire certified interpreters who are professionally engaged with the related industries to best interpret with insider knowledge. For general events, we ensure the assigned interpreters have previous experiences related to the event scope.
  • We handle all the travel and accommodation arrangements needed for the interpreters
  • It would be ideal that the event’s materials are provided beforehand to the interpreters to guarantee better quality of interpretation once they are comfortable with the content and special terminologies that may be involved.



As one long-standing provider of interpretation services in Malaysia for 14 years, we have served many clients from various fields, making their interpreting quest a productive investment. Be it for general, court, legal, medical, business, finance, environmental, political, educational, sports or social community events, we treat each onsite interpretation seriously. Our interpreters are committed to be the professional voice of the event from the beginning towards the end of the project, ensuring clarity, confidentiality and communication success.

We have worked closely with major clients like Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS), Levi Jeans, Asian Football Confederation, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and Castrol.

If you are looking to hold a conference, seminar or any type of event involving large Malaysian audience, seek our professional Malaysian interpreters to effectively engage your audience with the event. Our Malaysian interpreters, ranging from Chinese interpreters practicing in engineering industry and business negotiations to Malay interpreters with legal and trade skills, are professionally equipped to serve your interpreting needs.

If your audience comes from different corners of the world, we have a large network of international interpreters with extensive experiences in global multilingual events. From Korean interpreters to French interpreters, our international interpreters cover a multitude of industrial talents and skills to bridge communication gap in your events.

 Be it Malaysian interpreters or international interpreters, we assure each interpreter shall trigger your audience’s laughter as they relay the speaker’s humor, or convince the audience with the speaker’s persuasive messages.


See the list of some of the events we have handled in the past below:


Southeast Asia Cybercrime Workshop for Prosecutors and Judges 2016

Big Dutchman Agents Meeting 2016

Levi Jeans: Women [Re] Evolution, AMA Retail Conference 2015

PKNS 3rd Annual International Integrity Conference 2014

Asia Distribution Conference 2013

Aura Roboclean Meeting 2013

China-Malaysia Strategic Business Partnership Forum 2012

HKTDC Hong Kong Seminar 2011

Asian Football Confederation Conference 2010

18th World Congress of Accountant 2010

National Asset and Facility Management (NAFAM) 2007

Xv11 Figo World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2006

Asean Business & Investment Summit 2005



Below is the list of language pairs provided for our interpretation services:

  • English<> Malay
  • English<>Mandarin
  • English<> Tamil
  • English<>Cantonese
  • English<> Hindi
  • English<> German
  • English<> French
  • English<> Spanish
  • English<> Tagalog
  • English<> Burmese
  • English<> Maithili
  • English<> Uzbek
  • English<> Dutch
  • English<> Kurdish
  • English<> Lao
  • English<> Sinhalese
  • English<> Somali
  • English<> Greek
    • English<> Thai
    • English<> Indonesian
    • English<> Vietnamese
    • English<> Nepalese
    • English<> Khmer
    • English<> Arabic
    • English<> Swahili
    • English<> Italian
    • English<> Russian
    • English<> Korean
    • English<> Kazakh
    • English<> Uyghur
    • English<> Belarusian
    • English<> Kirundi
    • English<> Quechua
    • English<> Haitian Creole
    • English<> Zulu
    • English<> Serbo-Croatian
    • English<> Japanese
    • English<> Hungarian
    • English<>  Turkish
    • English<> Norwegian
    • English<> Romanian
    • English<> Persian
    • English<> Ukrainian
    • English<> Mongolian
    • English<>Bengali
    • English<> Czech
    • English<> Hiligaynon
    • English<> Chewa
    • English<> Haryanvi
    • English<> Marwari
    • English<> Chittagonian
    • English<> Malagasy
    • English<> Cebuano
    • English<> Gan
  • English<> Portuguese
  • English<> Punjabi
  • English<> Telegu
  • English<> Marathi
  • English<> Urdu
  • English<> Polish
  • English<> Pashto
  • English<> Kannada
  • English<> Malayalam
  • English<> Sudanese
  • English<> Balochi
  • English<> Awadhi
  • English<> Igbo
  • English<> Fula
  • English<> Sindhi
  • English<> Bhojpuri





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