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Le Reve Translation has been providing interpretation services worldwide. Interpretation services play an important role in serving and ensuring effective communication across language barriers. In today’s globalized world, organizations, businesses and individuals often find themselves be in the situation that demands meaningful and reciprocal interaction and communication with foreign or external counterparty who speak different languages. This is where Le Reve Translation offers valued interpretation services to their benefits and advantages.

The interpretation services denote the process of facilitating diverse parties communicating or interacting with each other without using similar or common spoken language. There are various types of interpretation services available, including:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation


Each type of interpretation services undertaken and provided by Le Reve Translation has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different situations or requisites.

1.Simultaneous Interpretation

Le Reve Translation is one of the pioneers in providing simultaneous interpretation services. We have more than 20 languages for translation to accommodate and cater for our clients. Simultaneous interpretation refers to a process or service where an interpreter listens to the speaker and simultaneous interpretation is provided in real-time instantaneously. This type of interpretation is frequently used in large conferences or events where multiple languages being spoken. Our simultaneous interpreters are skilled in multitasking and have commendable strong command in both the source and target languages. They are experienced interpreters with multiple field backgrounds to their respective credits.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?

The floor language during simultaneous interpretation is English, and most of the audience is from Spain and speaks Spanish. On stage, the moderator speaks in English and the interpreter listens to the moderator while instantaneously interpreting what is said into the target language. Interpretation of this nature requires a high level of concentration. Our interpreter will sit in a soundproof booth and interpret to Spanish using simultaneous equipment (headset and microphone) on channel 1, while the audience listens in real-time using their own specialized headset on the same channel. This method of interpretation is the best medium for uninterrupted communication which allows participants to communicate in their native languages without any interruption, misunderstanding or delay.


Interpretation services play an important role in serving and ensuring effective communication across language barriers.

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